Week 1 Recap: 10th Season of the Auction Era


Ah yes, life is good again — football is back.

Officially, this is season 14 of LED however the first 4 seasons were played for pennies compared to what we play for now and it was not until the 2008 season that we made the leap to the auction format and started playing for serious money. Thus the 2017 season is our 10th season of the Auction Era (as seen on the sleeves of your new shirts) — a milestone that brings me great pride. Not just because of longevity but more so because of the journey and current state of the league. From the creation of the B-LG to our slick website to my fancy macro-based draft program to the Boot-Off to the LED bowl and finally to our ever-entertaining podcasts, the journey of LED is one that I believe deserves more than just an honorable mention and is as I said something I personally take great pride in. So a virtual toast for those reading–cheers to 10 years of excellence and hopefully many more to come.

ICYMI: Podcast #1 – Preseason Power Rankings with Steve, Martin, and Dom


Week 1 Quick Hits

1. The most burning question of the new season — Mike, Ken, and Anthony have all made the playoffs for 4 straight seasons. This is currently the longest such streak in our history but suddenly all 3 managers find themselves in the same division thanks to Sunny. Can the “big 3” make it back again? Apparently the league believes they can as these managers rounded out the top 3 of the preseason power rankings (I am not acknowledging Presley as #1).

2. The most burning question of the 2017 offseason was whether or not Edmond would keep the 2nd-year stud Ezekiel Elliot who at the time, was expected to be suspended 6 games. Edmond eventually decided to pass on keeping Zeke for $48A only to find out later that he would end up getting 0 games (for now) as I predicted very early on. A ruling that undoubtedly has Edmond shaking his head in disbelief. Sunny ended up drafting Zeke for $40A.

3. Anomaly or sign of things to come? In week 1, we saw some of the lowest scores I’ve seen in quite some time. 6 teams — Steve, Presley, Mike, Ken, Jeff, and Edmond all posted sub-100 scores — something that’s not very easy to do given we start 11 players. By contrast, in 2016 we saw just 1 team fall short of the century mark in week 1 and the record that year was 5 teams that posted stinker scores in Week 6.

4. No kicker? No problem. In this league, we welcome outside the box thinking and Anthony did just that in Week 1 when he boldly decided he would not roster a kicker in favor of an extra bench player. Many people including myself viewed this move as a net negative decision however a Mike Evans-less Anthony team somehow pulled off a W anyway against Steve. The narrative on Anthony‘s team, in spite of his high preseason ranking, has been that he has a huge hole at the RB position and that nobody really knew the backs on his team. Well if you didn’t know them in week 1, you weren’t alone but you certainly know at least 2 of them now in Tarik Cohen and Alvin Kamara, both of whom were pretty trendy pick ups across all fantasy leagues except this one. But I must give props where props is due as Anthony has shown himself to be a pretty saavy drafter over the years and I suppose he gets the last laugh on the league, for now.

5. No DJ? Big problem. Mike and Ken posted 2 of the lowest scores in a week 1 snoozer that resulted in Ken getting an 88 point victory. But the big story in this match was Mike losing David Johnson to a wrist injury. An epic blow for the #2 career-ranked manager who relied heavily on DJ’s production the last couple years. But I would not write this team off just yet as we all remember last year when Mike opened the season 1-3 and self-proclaimed to be buying pizza only to finish the season in 3rd place. David Johnson becomes a free agent in 2018.

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