B-LG: 5 Burning Questions Heading Into 2017

The BLGDOPTC kicks off tonight

Welcome back lady and gentlemen, to another season of the LED B-LG!

This is now our 8th season (golf clap)! Can you guys believe this league has been around this long?! As I do every year, I have to shout out our veterans in Min, Brandon, Ravi, Fernando, Daryl, Roger, and Jason who have all put in at least 6 seasons now. The newbies from last year — Grace, Zak, and Max have all made the cut and are returning for a 2nd season. And lastly cue the “I’m coming home” song by Skylar Grey as Danny will make his triumphant return to the B-LG to join the ranks of Jay and JC. In fact, in our 8 year history, never has there been a year where I made zero cuts. This season, the only change is obviously sending Dom up to the A-LG and bringing Danny back.

This year will be very interesting. There are many story lines and subplots but to me, these are the top questions heading into the 2017 B-LG season.


5 Burning Questions

1. How will Danny fare after his short stint in the majors? The last 2 demotees failed to make the postseason and one of them even found himself in the Toilet Bowl. Can Danny buck this trend or will his defeated morale poison his season?

2. Can Grace follow up her 3rd place-finish with an equally strong showing in ’17 or will she suffer a sophomore slump?

3. Over/under 5 words spoken by Brandon (The Rebound) this season? Definitely under.

4. Over/under 100 misspelled words by Fernando? Definitely over.

5. Who is now the front runner for promotion? With Dom gone, is it now JC? Can Roger bounce back from an awful 2016 campaign? Can the former 3-time A-LG champ Jay ever return to his prior form? Is Daryl ready to make the jump? Time will tell.

Finally ICYMI, the BLGDOPTC (B-LG Draft Order Preseason Team contest) officially kicks off today. Since our draft is in September, I will include all 4 weeks of preseason towards this contest.


Good luck everyone! Looking forward to another great season.

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