A-LG Week 7 Recap: 4 Burning Questions

Looks like Green Bay is back.

7 weeks in the books means we’re more than halfway through the regular season. It’s amazing how quickly the fantasy football season can fly by; it’s like you blink an eye and we’re already at the midpoint of the season.

Am I good at picking MOTW’s or what!?

Instant Replay

Martin > Edmond 137.8-80.54

The Commish crushed Edmond by nearly 60 points improving him to 3-4 and now just 1 game out of playoff contention. Martin’s 137.8-point effort was impressively his lowest winning score of the season. For Edmond, his backfield struggles continue as DeAngelo Williams scores less than 1 point for the 3rd time this year.

Arman > Jeff 116.32-82.38

Arman ended his 2-game skid against division rival Jeff, who posted his lowest score of the season with 82.38 points. With the win, Arman avoids ending his impressive streak by at least one more week, getting yet another great game out of rookie RGIII while sneaking into the top 7 by just .32 points.

Dang > Matt 151.44 > 107.76

Dang collected his 2nd weekly pot of the year against the rookie Matt making John the league’s new #1 team in both standings and total points. This is the first time in nearly 6 years that Dang has been in 1st place of the league — his last stint atop the standings came in 2006 when he won it all.

JC > Anthony 125.08-119.38

Yet another dramatic finish to the MOTW (am I good at picking them or what) as JC edges Ant by just 6 points in a MNF finisher that featured Lance Briggs’ 8 points vs Jason Hanson’s 1 point, giving JC the narrow 6-point victory. JC is now on a league-leading 5-game winning streak and is quietly putting together a very strong season. If JC wins this week, he will tie Arman for the all-time longest winning streak at 6 which Arman set in 2009. For Ant, a brutal defeat moving him down to 11th place at 2-5.

Presley > Steve 128.28-110.12

In spite of losing MJD to injury, Presley improved to 5-2 after taking down league leader Steve in the battle of the 2 previous Smack Talk champs. With the win, Pres knocked Steve out of first place and remains the BH division leader tied with Dang and Doug at 5-2.

Doug > Jehan 116-95.3

Another week, another loss for Jehan who remains winless and has now tied Anthony for most consecutive losses in LED history at 7. A loss to Steve in Week 8 would be devastating for the beleaguered GM whose future in this league is very much a question at this point. For Doug, a 5th consecutive week that his team beat its projections improving him to 5-2.


4 Burning Questions

1 – Who will be demoted next season?

At this point, I think it’s a deadlock tie between Roger and Jehan. Jehan owns the league’s worst record but Roger owns the league’s worst brain. That’s a tough one.

2 – Who will win the Best Smack Talker Award this year?

This one is easy since no one else is trying — Presley. Honorable mentions to Dang for his occasional numbers-oriented smack and also to Steve and Arman who somehow became arch rivals this season. Where you at this year, Jay? I think I should get some votes for pulling this off though, don’t you think?

3 – What has been the smartest move this year?

Thus far, I’d have to go with Dang trading Bowe/Smith for Victor Cruz who has really paid dividends for him. But then again, any trade with Roger will probably end up being an awesome one. Runner-up would probably be Arman drafting RGIII.

4 – Who are the favorites to win it all this year?

My top 5 teams are Dang, Steve, Doug, Arman, and Martin, although Yahoo still thinks I’m #1. That’s right bitches.


You heard me.

C’mon Man!!!

  • Roger for making yet another boneheaded trade. He’s now given up Cruz, Chris Johnson, and Fitz for Kevin Smith, Dwayne Bowe, LeShoure, Pierre Thomas, and Denarius Moore. Need I say more?
  • Roger again for starting the inactive Mario Manningham in spite of the fact that I texted him to take him out
  • Jehan for still being winless thru 7 weeks
  • Edmond for continuing to believe in DeAngelo Williams. If I were him, I’d try to deal him to Roger for Mikel LeShoure. Roger would make that trade
  • Anthony for hoarding backup RB’s and outbidding me for Andre Brown
  • The entire TAT division for its lack of moves. Only Ant has more than 20 moves while JC, Matt, and Edmond remain relatively inactive with 15, 13, and 10 moves each. The only other GM in the league with less moves than that is Doug with 7
  • Presley for continuing to pick against me in Pick Em
  • Everyone that is not participating in Pick Em


Week 8 MOTW

Club 900


Battle of one of the best and worst performing GM’s of the last 3 years
Arman is 4-1 vs Dang dating back to ’06
Arman has won 4 in a row vs Dang since ’09
Dang 116.59 projected vs Arman 108.46 projected
Current votes are tied 2-2



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