A-LG Week 6 Musings and Power Rankings


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Happy Friday A-League. While our podcast generally covers everything-LED, I still want to make sure to squeeze in some actual write ups here and there as it has always been a staple of LED and something that helps me kill time at work. In no particular order, here are some musings from yours truly on the 2016 season thus far (and commentary-less Power Rankings):


New Season, New Contenders

Of the 6 playoff teams from last season — Mike, Anthony, Steven, Arman, Ken, and Jeff — only Arman is currently solidly in position to make another postseason run. While Ken is 4-1, he is actually outside of the Playoff Top 6 as it stands today as his total points trail the likes of John D and  Jeff.

And while I realize this can change quickly from week to week, the bottom line is that this season, we have some fresh faces leading the charge while the old faces are struggling mightily.


Sorry, Sophomore

After putting together one of the most historic seasons in all of LED in 2014, Steven followed up a 15-1 championship by putting together a very impressive rookie campaign, finishing 3rd and setting yet another record as the only manager to ever cash in his first A-LG season.

But as we all know, football is largely a sport where past achievements are easily forgotten while present struggles seemingly always take center stage. And after setting the record for most wins and best rookie season the last couple years, Steven is setting yet another record this year, one in which he obviously might not be so proud of. We shall see if the sophomore’s fortunes turn, but at this point, he currently owns the worst start and worst losing streak in LED history.


The Not So Big 3

In recent years, no one has enjoyed as much success as the trio of Anthony, Mike, and Ken who are the only managers that have made the postseason in each of the last 3 years. They are almost always the ones drafting divisions and are perennial targets for lazy drafters to piggyback off of. Currently, the Big 3 is on the outside looking in so it begs the question… will this be the year that these impressive playoff streaks end?


The Departure of The Fluke Champ

In spite being the #1 LED rated manager on our Career Stats and the only 3-time Auction Era champion of the league, we saw Jay Patel get optioned to the minors this year where he is continuing his downward spiral. And while I always enjoy throwing smack towards Jay‘s way, I must say I do sympathize for his epic fall from fantasy grace. With more and more fluke champions being ousted from the A-LG and an actual good team winning last year, will we start to see more “real” champs get their name engraved on our trophy?


The Return of The Commish

After a disastrous draft in 2015, the commish ran away to Asia last winter to escape the sorrows of a lost A-LG season. But there will be no escaping this year as Martin has impressively dodged 2 early bullets in losing AP and Dez while continuing to post strong point totals week in and week out. Shockingly, this is the first time the commish has had a winning record since 2013, which was the last time Martin played a meaningful game past Week 13. Time will tell if his success will continue down the stretch but it goes without saying that this is shaping up to be a strong season for the LED commissioner.



Week 6 Power Rankings

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