A-LG 2016 End of Year Recap: A Champ, 13 Years in the Making

Your 2016 #1 Fantasy Player is Aaron Rodgers

  • Since joining the league way back in high school, Arman played tooth and nail every year, had multiple ups and downs, once drafted via webcam from San Diego, made the playoffs several times only to miss the money over and over, but at long last after 13 grueling years, on-paper Doctor and Ivy League graduate Arman finally hit paydirt and won the A-LG. It is his first cash since 2009
  • Arman unfortunately however lost to Dominic in the LED Showdown, giving the B-LG the lead in the all-time series 3-2
  • Arman‘s win makes it 2 straight years that the #1 seed has won the league
  • After winning the league, we reached Arman for comment on how it feels to win the league and he replied “Feels awesome, Jeff was a great opponent as was everyone else but Danny (and Steve). My team put in a tremendous effort, everyone stepped up behind veteran leadership. A well deserved victory. And of course we do everything for the fans out there following our season via [social media]. And of course thanks to the commish for running a tight ship and keeping things going well. Love you all!”
  • In spite being heavily favored in the championship, Jeff was runner-up and earned his second 2nd-place trophy of his career and first cash since 2012
  • When asked how he felt about the season, Jeff said, “It was a good season but fuck you 2nd place. I did kind of come up from nowhere though, nobody expected me to be in the playoffs.”
  • Stud RB Le’Veon Bell becomes a free agent in 2017 after 3 years under Team Wu, but Jeff claims he is “probably going to be moving away from the RB-heavy draft next year,” and will probably not be pursuing him again next season given his lofty price tag
  • Much like Jeff, Mike also started the season looking dead in the water, but surged late in the season and finished 3rd, batting for the trophy cycle and collecting a 3rd place trophy to go along with a 1st and 2nd place trophy, making it Mike‘s 3rd straight season finishing in the top 3. The first player to pull of this feat in our history
  • When asked about his season, the 2015 champ replied, “Pretty happy with the third place finish considering the slow start. Got hot near the end but came up short…gotta learn to lay off on last minute IDP changes.”
  • Since entering the league in 2012, Mike has skyrocketed up the career rankings to #2 and is arguably the most successful manager during that span. For him, he attributes his success to “staying active on the wire and looking weeks ahead for roster adds, not just the coming week. And a shitload of article reading!”
  • Sunny made the playoffs for the first time in his short career, upsetting Anthony in the first round but lost the next 2 to finish 4th in the league. He was too busy being married to comment
  • Ken has impressivly made the playoffs in every season he has played in the A-LG but has unimpressively been knocked out in his first game in every season as well. Ken declined comment when asked about his one-and-done streak stating, “My players have no comment.”
  • Anthony was voted the #1 preseason ranked team again, a ranking he seemingly gets every year, but finished 6th. He was too busy being a dad to comment on his season
  • John D won the consolation tournament for the 2nd straight season and “has not lost a playoff game in 2 years.” That’s if you count consolation as playoff games…
  • Martin started the season 4-1 then the wheels came off the wagon as he dropped the next 5 and ended up just a fraction of a point shy of making the playoffs… different season, same bad luck for the commish whose season was plagued with injuries. When reached for comment, the commish said, “Early in the year, I thought I could overcome injuries from Dez/AP, but slowly but surely my season unraveled and my team laid an egg week after week. I caught fire late, but by that time it was just too little, too late.”
  • Presley had a very lackluster 6-7 season and replied only with “KARREUCHE.”
  • Edmond finished 7-6 and last in his division while somehow accurately predicting he would finish 10th, stating he “hated his draft.”
  • Steve won the first weekly pot of the year and claimed “I’m back!” only to falter the rest of the way finishing 4-9
  • Steve may have also sealed the Dumbest Move award by executing what now looks to be the one of the worst in history when he sent Tom Brady and Spencer Ware to Steven for Carson Palmer and Isaiah Crowell
  • Steven, who finished 3rd last season, realized that perhaps the A-LG is not as easy as he thought as, in spite of the gift trade from Steve, the sophomore slumped his way through 2016, ending the season with just 3 wins. When asked about his season and his focus next year, the sophomore replied, “I struggled this year because I had a lack of RB production early in the season, wasted money on Doug Martin, and had a very tough schedule. Very inconsistent players from top to bottom. Had to pretty much rely on trades to save my season. After being conservative the first two drafts, I’m willing to be a little more aggressive in next year’s draft. I believe I have some good players I can build around.”
  • The rookie Danny struggled mightily this season notching only 3 wins while landing himself in the Toilet Bowl for the 2nd time in 3 years. Luckily this time, he was victorious against former A-Leaguer Roger
  • Ironically, Danny won the $30 pot for best weekly score at 193 points
  • With the marbles on the line in Week 13, Danny pulled off what might have been the Upset of the Year, defeating then-division leader Edmond, knocking him out of the playoffs sending shock waves throughout LED Nation
  • When reached for comment, Danny replied, “I should have been more active on the waivers. But it’s not like I disregarded my team. I had a lot of fringe players that I thought could bounce back. I am ashamed of myself. I can’t go out like that.”
  • Boot Off 2016 featured a complete domination by Mike who put the rookie to shame easily covering his 9 second spread as Danny took a whopping minute to sip chug his boot
  • The spread on Arman next season will be big, we have to give these underdogs a fighting chance
  • This season, we also recorded 10 podcasts and had nearly every member of the A-LG come on at one point or another
  • Big thanks to Steve for taking the time to put all of this together and thanks to our co hosts Martin, Edmond, Arman, Anthony, John D as well as our B-LG correspondents and guests Roger, Mike M, and JC
  • Also gotta thank John D again for hosting hands-down the best draft we’ve had to date
  • And lastly, just want to say thank you to everyone in our league and all of our loyal followers for continuing to make this league the gold standard of fantasy football leagues!
  • See you all at the LED Bowl!


2016 Season


Final Standings

1. Arman Rezaee (10-3)
2. Jeff Wu (7-6)
3. Mike Kawano (7-6)
4. Sunny Patel (7-6)
5. Ken Ngo (8-5)
6. Anthony Locicero (6-7)
7. John Dang (7-6)
8. Martin Young (7-6)
9. Presley Yann (6-7)
10. Edmond Lee (7-6)
11. Steve Young (4-9)
12. Doug Buffey (7-6)
13. Steven Ly (3-10)
14. Danny Huang (3-10)

 = Division Winner

1. Dominic Lee (9-4)
2. John Cabaluna (10-3)
3. Daryl Yann (10-3)
4. Grace Valle (10-3)
5. Min Myo (9-4)
6. Ravi Patel (7-6)
7. Jay Patel (4-9)
8. Max Chernov (6-7)
9. Zakaman Wu (6-7)
10. Fernando Montejano (5-8)
11. Mike Meneses (4-9)
12. Brandon Ngo (5-8)
13. Jason Liu (3-10)
14. Roger Wong (3-10)

 = Division Winner

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