A-LG: 2013 Divisional Draft Results

All division names were decided by last season’s division winners–JC, Jeff, and Doug. All names appear in order of last year’s standing.


Adderall Addicts Anonymous (AAA)

This year’s division #1 was named yet again by John Cabaluna, who of course, drafted all the same guys plus Jay Patel.

2012 W-L: 30-34-1
2012 Playoff Appearances: 1 (JC)
Total Titles: 3 (Jay-2011, Jay-2010, JC-2009)
John C

John Cabaluna


Jay Patel

Harbaugh 4 MVP

Edmond Lee


Anthony Locicero


Matt Wong







Hernandez’s Hitmen (HH)

I think this division will be a little tougher than most would think. All 5 GM’s made the playoffs and I know everyone struggles their rookie season, but I wouldn’t rule out the new guys this year either.

2012 W-L: 38-26-1
2012 Playoff Appearances: 5 (Jeff, John D, Arman, Ken (B-LG), Mike (B-LG))
Total Titles: 0
Jeff Wu

Jeff Wu

John Dang


Arman Rezaee

Mike Kawano


Ken Ngo







Bristol Bloods (BB)

It’s true… this division is the most gangster (I didn’t even know there were gangs in Connecticut). But, I think this could end up being a fairly tough division as well, minus Presley Yann of course.

2012 W-L: 31-21
2012 Playoff Appearances: 2 (Doug, Presley)
Total Titles: 2 (Doug-2012, Presley-2007)
Doug Buffey

Doug Buffey

Presley Yann

Presley Yann


Steve Young

Martin Young






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