A-LG: 2012 End of Year Awards


Thanks everyone for taking part in another great season of LED fantasy football.

Some of the highlights from 2012:

  • Doug won his first career title and set the record for most consecutive wins (10)
  • Back-to-back champ Jay missed the playoffs and went 5-8
  • Doug defeated Fernando in the first annual LED Showdown (A-LG champ vs B-LG champ) in Week 17
  • The league played with 14 players for the first time in LED history
  • An improbable tie happened between Arman and Matt in Week 2
  • Matt was promoted from the B-LG and went 5-7-1
  • Matt crushed Jay in the first annual LED Boot-Off
  • John Dang finished with a winning record (9-4) after 3 straight losing seasons
  • Arman broke his impressive streak of going 10-3 for 3 straight years
  • Arman made the playoffs for the 4th straight season (LED record)
  • Steve and Arman somehow became arch rivals this season
  • Jeff played 4 weeks (a third of the season) where the margin of victory/defeat was 2 points or less including a .2 loss to Matt in Week 4. Fittingly, his season ended with a .02 loss to Doug in the semi’s
  • JC and Jeff finished in the top 3 for the 2nd straight season
  • Jehan made his triumphant return and may very well be making a not-so-triumphant exit
  • Roger made 2 of the worst trades in LED history
  • Martin made the most controversial trade in LED history
  • John Dang tried to make the 2nd most controversial trade in LED history, but the trade was vetoed by the league (John is probably very happy)
  • Presley finished with fewer points than #14 Jehan but somehow made the playoffs (LUCK)
  • Steve went 6-1 to start the season, then lost 6 of the last 7 to miss the playoffs
  • Doug, JC, and Jeff won their divisions and will draft division members for 2013
  • Edmond was the only player whose final standing matched his preseason power rank (10th)
  • Anthony was voted #1 in the preseason but finished #11, spread of -10 was tops in the league

Now without further ado, here are your 2012 End of Year Award winners. The results may surprise you…


“The Rex Ryan Award” – Best Smack Talker

Which manager talked the most shit and dished out the most creative trash talk?

And the winner is...


This had to be the quietest year for smack. Even the usual suspect Presley had very little to say. I guess you can’t talk much shit when you’re just getting lucky, huh? But come on guys, I think I deserved at least one vote!

Previous winners: Steve (11), Presley (10)


“The Denver Broncos Award” – Most Valuable Snub

Which manager was most deserving of a championship?

And the winner is...

John Dang

This was a tight vote, but I think the voters still got it right. Jeff was the easy choice, given his .02 loss to Doug, but I do feel like Dang had a much better overall season while Jeff’s team just caught fire in the playoffs.

Previous winners: Arman (11), Steve (10)


“The Presley Yann Award” – Luckiest Manager

Which manager was blessed by the FF gods this year?

And the winner is...


No surprise here. Every year we talk about how lucky Presley is, how he’s not going to get this lucky next season, but of course… he does. Every damn year. I still think you can make a serious case for Doug as well, but that’s fantasy football. You can never win it all off skill alone.

Previous winners: Jay (11), Jay (10)


“The Peyton Manning Award” – Unluckiest Manager

Which manager was blessed by the FF gods this year?

And the winner is...


Wow, even when I just put names without trying to sell anyone, I still win this award. Shocked but pleased to see that the majority of you do acknowledge how unlucky I am. I could literally go on and on about why I’m so unlucky, but I’ll spare you the whining. Let’s just say the last 2 years have been one big C’Mon Man!!!

Previous winners: Martin (11)


“The Bill Belichick Award” – Smartest Move

What was the smartest move of the year?

And the winner is...


This one was a landslide. The one season Shanahan decides not to play Shanahanigans, you capitalized. Good job, Arman. Back-to-back Smartest Move awards. I wonder who voted for Dang?

Previous winners: Arman-Picking up Gronk (11), Steve-Picking up Hillis (10)


“The Brandon Jackson Award” – Dumbest Move

What was the worst move of the year?

And the winner is...


Roger Wong

Wow this one was a lot closer than I thought. To be honest, I only added Edmond in there because I couldn’t think of a 3rd dumb move and putting Roger in there 3 times would have been unfair. Still, I think voters got it right. That trade was just retarded — it’s one thing to hurt your own team, but it’s another thing to hurt your team while tremendously helping a competitor’s team.

Previous winners: John Dang-Dropped Sproles, Lynch, McGahee (11), John Calaluna-Picked up Brandon Jackson for $129 (10)

New Rules Ratings

Rate the new rules for the year.

And the results are...

Glad to see 11 people “liked” the .5 PPR rule. But where were all these likes the last few years when we tried to vote it in? The 11 likes were most among all new rules with IDP and 14 teams coming in 2nd with 9 likes.


Changes for next season

What changes would you like to see next year? Select all that apply.

And the results are...

Personally, I would love to include 2 additional IDPs (DE and S/CB) and it’s good see that it also received the most votes. As for the other rules, the additional keeper is probably not going to happen and the status of the DEF 3 and out is still up in the air. If I were you though, I would start studying defensive ends and corners!


Who will be demoted?

Who is more deserving of demotion? The results for this question will NOT affect my final decision.

And the results are...

Jehan Damji

Roger Wong

I will say this much–those 8 people just might get what they voted for.

Last demotees: OJ (10), PJ (10)

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  1. Dumbest move honorable mention — Arman dropping Cobb

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