2017 Keeper Submissions

Last Update: 8/17/17 11:30 AM.

The deadline to submit or change keepers is at 11:59:59 Thursday 8/24. For avoidance of doubt, at midnight 8/25 keeper submissions will no longer be accepted. You may withdraw any player(s) past the deadline but you may not add any new player(s).

Offseason Trades:

  • Aug 3: Jeff acquires the rights to QB-Tom Brady from Steven for $4A $5W
  • Aug 7: Martin acquires the rights to RB-LeSean McCoy and WR-Jordy Nelson from Arman for $7A $5W
    • This deal includes a “No-Injury” clause that grants the buyer the option of nullifying either player from the deal if there is reasonable concern over their week 1 availability
  • Aug 8: Dominic acquires the rights to QB-Matt Ryan from Martin for $2A
  • Aug 9: Anthony acquires the rights to TE-Jimmy Graham from Dominic for $2A


Keeper Submissions:

Manager Keeper 1 Keeper 2 Rookie Tag
Anthony QB-Drew Brees $19A TE-Jimmy Graham $7A
Arman RB-Melvin Gordon $21A TE-Travis Kelce $15A Duke Johnson $12A
Dominic RB-Tevin Coleman $5A QB-Matt Ryan $3A
Jeff WR-Demaryius Thomas $30A QB-Tom Brady $11A RB-Tood Gurley $34A
John D WR-Jarvis Landry $21A RB-LeGarrette Blount $3A
Ken WR-A.J. Green $55A RB-Devonta Freeman $26A
Martin WR-Jordy Nelson $41A RB-LeSean McCoy $40A
Steven WR-Amari Cooper $31A RB-Spencer Ware $3A WR-Michael Thomas $7A
Sunny RB-Demarco Murray $27A WR-Michael Crabtree $9A



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